Kids’ courses

halley for kids

Special offers for children from 3 years old!

Find out about our different “kids” courses to discover languages throughout the year (and even during holidays!)
Creative workshops, courses and classes adapted to children to give them a liking for language
learning through playful and fun activities.

With Halley, learning has never been so good!

from 3 to 7 years old and from 8 to 12 years old, class of 4 to 8 children, one hour per week

Learning a language can be done at any age. It may even be easier to assimilate a new language for a young child than for an adult.
That’s why Halley sets up language awareness sessions to foreign languages.
Your child, from the age of 3, can join one of these sessions where he will be initiated to English or Spanish while having fun. Through games and activities adapted to his age, our teacher will offer him an important basis to facilitate the learning of language at school or in his everyday life. It will also give you the keys to extend this initiation at home and share with your child a unique and fun moment that will be genuinely useful throughout his life.

from 12 years old, class of 5 to 10 children **, one hour and a half per week ***

Once a week, for an hour and a half, your child will join a group of pupils to review on subjects learnt in class, correct exercises, review their difficulties and improve their learning skills. In English, Spanish and French.

** under the condition of opening session *** excluding school holidays


From the age of 8

Enjoy the flexibility of our private lessons. Choose the schedule for your child to progress at his own pace. His teacher will help him develop his knowledge of the desired language, help him with his homework and provide him with the necessary concepts for a better learning of the language. He will establish his program according to his age and interests through innovative and fun activities. Your child will be able to enjoy the pleasure of discovering a new language or ask for specific help where he or she needs it.


From 8 years old, from 2 to 8 children

Whether for a specific assignment, to broaden the school program or simply to learn a new foreign language, a teacher will accompany children as they progress in groups of up to 8. Take advantage of our attractive prices and our innovative methods through exercises adapted to their level and fun activities …. In group classes we also focus on peer support and communication and we believe that a live class is an interesting class.

4 to 6 households **, 2 parents and one child per household

Sign language for babies is increasingly used in our day care centers. And this is great news given all its benefits!
The goal is to allow our little ones to communicate their needs before mastering the language, and thus reduce the frustrations and misunderstandings between adults and children.
Join one of our classes and discover a magnificent vector of fulfillment and complicity!

45 minutes

** under the condition of opening session


from 3 years old, awakening in language, school support, language course, baby signer.

The solution for a complicated schedule is “kids at home”. Our “institute” courses come “at home” to fit you and your children.
Whether you are looking for an individual language awakening entirely dedicated to your youngest child, school support for the largest one or Japanese lessons for your little ones, ask for your ‘à la carte’ options without any schedule or travel constraints.
In addition, you can even take advantage of our discount “parents partners” by creating and welcoming a group of children for awakening, school tutoring, language classes or even parents for workshops “baby signer “.
Learning languages is good for everyone, Halley makes it a point of honor to do everything possible to make them accessible!


All year long during school holidays, we offer to your children to attend to our thematic courses. From creative art to academics, tutoring for junior school before the start of the new year, we offer a range of courses to suit the needs of each and offer classes at preferential rates.

Every Wednesday afternoon (except school holidays) from 14h to 16h we offer an afternoon entirely dedicated to games, discovery and English/French.
Creative activities, games, board games, toys. There will be something for everyone to allow them to find out about Shakespeare’s language!

Halley offers you to extend your children’s languages learning beyond school, with its “LV3″ classes. Starting from junior school level, it will allow your child to discover a brand-new language, often not available (or too rarely) in the classic school system.
Japanese, Russian or Mandarin will be available languages from the start of the 2018 school year!


Ideally located in the center of Narbonne, Halley is an institute entirely dedicated to language learning.
Our job: languages. Our tools: pedagogy, sharing, culture and discovery
French, foreigners, adults, children … Halley offers solutions suited to your needs while taking your budget or time constraints in consideration

PROFESSIONALS, get trained

Halley Language Institute is a registered training center! This means that your language training can be fully or partially supported by an OPCA, your CPF, the employment center … In the context of vocational training courses.




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